I don't live there now, but I'm from one of the greater-Tampa areas that didn't make your nice list. I'd never really thought of it as THAT much of the boonies, but then I had to explain to someone the other day how having your neighbors get mad and trap and haul off your cats was a thing, and realized that most of the … » 4/19/14 5:48pm Saturday 5:48pm

Less than an inch?? How are they not smashing each other?? My boyfriend and I cuddle until we're just about asleep, then roll away from each other, otherwise I would wake up in the middle of the night unable to breathe because there's like 6 and a half feet of dude pressing the air out of my rib cage. » 4/16/14 2:49pm Wednesday 2:49pm

How is this tyranny? If a crime took place in my lab's building and it was clear that only people who worked there would have had access to it, I would most likely have to give a statement and potentially fingerprints to the police. Is that unacceptable tyranny? And yeah, if semen is left behind, it's a pretty good… » 4/14/14 6:46pm 4/14/14 6:46pm